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kill my boredom ;nn; ask me anythingggg.

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changmin’s smile after yunho’s war cry for cassiopeia. his back was facing the fans.

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9 years of Dong Bang Shin Ki, 9 years of Rising Gods of the East. 9 years of passion, sweat, smiles and some tears and sacrifice from their part. And 9 years of a lot of love and devotion from our part, from the fans, that will always be with them until the end, through thick and thin.Happy 9th Anniversary, DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki! 

Faith, Trust, Belief: These are words you have always had coming from your mouths. And from your faith that said “always keep the faith”, we found ourselves saying “always keep the faith” too. 

Cassiopeia:Intertwined with that word is the strongest, the biggest.

Whether you are a JYJ fan, an OT5 supporter or a HoMin fan. I hope you do not  forget what we should not forget. The memories of our times together, aren’t horrible and painful memories. We all laughed, and cried, and laughed again in those memories. When I look back at those memories, I can see that they weren’t all smiles. We’ve cried so much. We’ve waited for such a long time and it’s been rough. But we supported each other so we could come to where we are now, didn’t we? And then from some moment in time, we started turning our backs on each other for the mere reason that our opinions differed. It hurt to see everyone ripping each other apart and hurting each other. Through the past 9 years with fans under the scarlet glow of Cassiopeia, I felt warmth. To have to say that we have crumbled because our beliefs differ, makes me quite speechless. I think that you can only understand each other’s beliefs when you take a step back. But no one is doing that amongst us. All we do is refute each other’s emotions and beliefs.

Setting everyone aside, whether you are a JYJ fan or a HoMin fan,
I hope no one believes that what we’ve seen between the members for the past 9 years is ‘fake’. We all felt joy, shed tears and were hurt from their actions. That will never change. We’ve been hurting together for the past nine years. We saw the five members embracing each other and crying, We’ve seen and know just how frail they can be and are. Never change, never forget who we are and stay right here. Those of you who are reading this, will be Cassiopeia forever. I am and always will be a Cassiopeia, forever.

Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun: I will support you.All of you, All five of you, TVXQ. I love you. I still call you TVXQ. Although reality doesn’t allow me to do so. I do not favor one of you over the other. And I truly love you with all my heart.

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chanyeol: exo official calendar.

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EXO-M watching the VCR from fans

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